Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Completing New & Old Projects

Working on another job for Surly - this one's a little bigger than the cowbell, which is completed, including sandblasting by the way. This one's certainly going to be a lot heavier than the cowbell. We're making a grill out of a large truck wheel. This is the bottom plate I cut out of a piece of scrap metal. He wants a grill of some sort across the top for a cooking surface that will swing out of the way and maybe a hook of some sort to hang a pot of beans or a coffee pot from. I've got a couple of ideas as does he. We're both going to sketch something up and see what we can come up with utilizing as much of the scrap material I've got as we can.

Grandma Hazel?
I've been doing a little research on my family history lately. I've worked on it off and on for years. I recently joined Ancestry to help with the research and to get my DNA tested. I was a little surprised by the Scandinavian blood line showing up and I haven't found any Vikings in the genealogy research but I don't think there's any downside to it. Not like I could change it even if I wanted to. I think I'm about at the point where I'm going to call it quits on any further research, however. I want to get everything organized, scan in some old photos and then get everything I've got printed up and copies distributed to the family members.

I ordered some cheap Chinese tooling for the new metal lathe. I'll be starting on the refurbishing real soon. Looking forward to having some machining capability in the basement shop for the long cold winter. I'm thinking we're about due for a tough winter. I just hope it holds off until after the middle of December when I no longer have to drive to work. I'm under ten on the number of days left to work now. Looking forward to being done.


Traveling Pirate said...

Any other surprises besides Scandinavian?

Shop Teacher Bob said...

Not really - my grandmother in the photo's people came from England and her husband's people came from Germany. My grandmother on my mom's side was Irish and English. She too married into a family that was originally from Germany. My paternal great grandfather married a woman named Johnson which I think was originally Johansson, which would be the Scandinavian connection. According to Ancestry's DNA results, there's also tiny bit of "other" that I assume to be African, especially since I ran across another family tree on Ancestry with common ancestors that was prepared by a black lady but that wasn't really a surprise. I kind of expected that through the Kentucky clan.