Tuesday, February 23, 2010


The kid in the picture has been working on the chopper bike for a couple of months now. He is in one class and his buddy comes in right behind him in the next class. He'll work on a piece of it and then his buddy comes in and either cuts it off or welds it up the wrong way. The next day maybe the reverse happens. If they had coordinated their efforts, the thing would have been done in about a week. It's looking pretty cool, they haven't spent any money and they're having fun. So in the big picture, there's nothing wrong with that.

I made a bracket to mount the coil on the Rickati during Open Shop the other night. After I hung the thing on there it looked like I could have shortened things up a little. I'm going to see if I have enough stock to move the mounting holes. If not, I'll probably just make a new one. It'll only take a few minutes and then I'll have a little more room for the plug wire. The fancy chrome coil is supposed to be good for 40,000 Tiawanese volts. That should make the little 250 fire like that gizmo in Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory.

I started on the buck/hammerform for the tank as well. Making the tank should be the only part of the bike building job that's much of a challenge. I'm going to try and get most of the rest of the bike done and, if need be, come in during spring break and work on the tank when no one is around to disturb me. We're entering 13 fighters in the Gloves this year, so I'm going to be real busy starting in about two weeks. Everything's coming together, though.


leroy99 said...

Low and slow for sure that thing looks like it weights 40 pounds

Shop Teacher Bob said...

It's actually not too bad. The front fork is heavy - 3/4" schedule 40 - but the main frame is all thinwall stuff. They're having fun and gaining skills. So as they say with the Hokey-Pokey, "that's what it's all about".