Wednesday, November 18, 2015


I made up the little bracket to hold the Sprint tank down. Initially I figured I'd make it out of stainless but went with aluminum primarily for the ease of fabrication. I used the hacksaw to rough cut the part to shape since I don't have a blade for my bandsaw yet. I drilled a hole on each end of the slot and then used a jeweler's saw to connect the holes - rarely have need for that little saw but it was the perfect tool for this job. I think the spring that connects the bracket to the frame is in the box of parts. If not, not hard to find a spring.

I finish welded the seat bracket and sprayed it with some Rust-Oleum. The seat fits the bike well but the pan is pretty flimsy. It has a couple of bumpers on it that were designed to rest on the frame rails of the Sportster but the Sprint has nothing but air under the seat. I'll need to make a support of some kind to keep things from bending in the middle. The seat has about a 1/2" gap between it and the fender that would be a convenient place for some type of spacer or bumper. I could make something up that I can weld to the frame behind the tool boxes also. I'll see what I can come up with that won't intrude on the looks too much and still be functional.

I looked at the bracket for the jiffy stand. Looks like it's an easy enough fix to make the missing frame bracket other than I'll either have to stand on my head to weld it or turn the bike upside down. I'll get the pieces made up and I think I can tack the parts in place so they'll stay until I dismantle the bike for painting. I can get started on making the jiffy stand meanwhile.

I'm still thinking about how I want to organize the planishing hammer, English wheel and the other sheet metal stuff. I'm leaning towards just pushing them to the back of the table when I'm not using them and pull them to the front of the table and bolting them down when I need them. It would be handier to have them at the ready all the time but I'm thinking I would get more value out of the open space at the front of the table. I need to finish the TR3 fender for my buddy but he won't be back until Spring. That should give me plenty of time to work out a solution.  

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