Monday, December 25, 2017

BSA Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I'm hoping to get to work on my brother's old BSA fairly soon. Surly came up with a design for the side covers that looks workable. If I can get most of the mechanical things done, I'll just turn it over to someone else to fettle the carbs and get it tuned up. The photo comes from Just Beezas on Facebook, by the way.

Usually I'm fed up with Christmas music by the time Christmas rolls around. This year, for whatever the reason, I've been able to avoid most of it. I do have a few favorites - Elvis doing Blue Christmas and I'll Be Home For Christmas - and Merry Christmas Baby. Lots of people have covered it but I like this version by Charles Brown the best.

We've got a white Christmas here this year. I woke up yesterday to the snow coming down and it just kept coming  'til we got a pretty decent amount. The temperatures are supposed to be down right cold the next week so the snow will be here for a while. I've got a get together to attend this week but the next place I need to be is in the middle of January - so let it snow, blow, get cold, or what ever Mother Nature wants. I can light the fireplace and catch up on my reading.

Today though, it's Christmas. A day to spend with your loved ones, both friends and family. So
best wishes to you and yours, steer clear of the mistletoe and go easy on the egg nog.

Peace - Shop Teacher Bob

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