Monday, December 18, 2017


I was down the basement the other day looking for a box of Christmas dishes for the Missus and while down there I figured it would be a good time to take inventory and maybe throw a few things out. I donated all my hockey gear to Goodwill a couple of years back and figured it might be a wise idea to get rid of my roller blades as well. I really don't need to break a wrist or a collarbone, that's already been done. Imagine my surprise when I found the lower platform of the skates laying on the floor and the boot parts still hanging by the laces from the floor joist above. Don't know what happened, just came apart. I'm going to save the wheels - maybe use them for an outfeed table on the table saw, but the rest is gone already.

I did get out and go ice skating Saturday night. One of my skates has a couple of the rivets holding the boot to the blade that has come loose. I think I can drill out the rivets and re-rivet them or even put a couple of brass or stainless machine screws in there. If I can find a couple of pan head screws, that'd be the easiest fix. I'd be able to tighten things up without leaving a bump under my heel. As little as I go skating, I can't see investing in a new pair of skates. It was a beautiful night to be out skating with friends, though.

I got the old Allis out yesterday, ran it up and down the lane and put the shoes underneath the scraper blade so I'll be ready to plow snow. I haven't got the snowblower out yet this season. I should probably do that real soon as well. We need to get a pretty deep snow before I ever use it, but around here you never know what winter will bring. Since I don't have to go to work this week, probably a good time to get that done, especially since the weatherman's calling for warm temperatures for a few more days.

Have a good week.

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