Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Gooseberry Pie

Even though I've been feeling bad, I did manage to get out and pick the gooseberries the other day. The Missus made pie yesterday and did her usual superb job - had a piece last night and one for breakfast this morning. The red & black raspberries are ripening up and I'll have peaches before too much longer. I picked some cucumbers from the garden yesterday. I need to get back to work before the weeds over run the place, though.

I've been moving in the direction of self-sufficiency for a few years now, figuring to set myself up for retirement or if things go bad (WTSHTF), I'll be able to ride out the storm. The peach, apple and persimmon trees are mature enough to produce fruit and I should have cherries in another year or two. I'm planning on expanding the garden when I retire and maybe build a small greenhouse to expand the growing season a little. I'd like to build a small outdoor oven for baking bread and pizza also. This all requires a lifestyle that is somewhat labor intensive, which I don't mind, but it also requires good health.

As I'm sure is obvious to you, this sitting around for the last week is really starting to get to me. I've made it through the backlog of mail and magazines and I started on the big pile of books I've been planning on reading some day. Hell, I'm starting to get saddle sore from riding the recliner all day. The weather forecast is looking great - 70's and sunny for the next few days. Even if I can't do much, I'm getting outside. I suggest you appreciate your good health and do the same.

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