Friday, June 4, 2010

Zombies & More

We hosted a couple of actors at the gym the other day for the filming of a zombie movie, in case you haven't checked out the boxing club link lately. I didn't take a camera along, like the big doofus that I can often be, but Surly shot a mess of photos the previous day at a different location. You can check them out at his Smug Mug site. They're pretty cool - order a couple of prints for the garage or workshop. While you're ordering, might as well get a couple of the fight photos as well.

School's officially over for the year. I have to go in on Monday to do some work and my official check-out but year #34 is in the books. I've had some ups and downs over the years but the last three months have probably been the worst, at least from the standpoint of how management has mistreated people. They've poisoned the waters to the extent things will never be right, at least in the few remaining years I plan on working. Damn shame how they've managed to screw things up in such a short time. My thanks goes out to our union president and all the rest of the membership who've been fighting this uphill battle.

It's all systems go for next week's departure for Shop Teacher Bob's Big Summer Adventure. 350 miles on the bicycle pulling my trailer and camping along the way. Don't know how many blog posts I'll be able to put up while I'm gone - probably none - but I'll be sure to get some things posted as soon as I return. I'll get something up prior to my departure as well. I'm sure that will ease the minds of all of you loyal readers.

Enjoy the weekend.

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