Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th

Happy 4th everyone.

My "Saddle Pal" stopped by the house the other day on his touring rig. He took the bike all apart this spring and powder coated the frame and added the wooden fenders to both the bike and the trailer. The bags front and rear are new as well. The boy's a real die hard. It was 90 something the other day and late morning when he stopped by and he still had about 20 miles to go before he got home.

It's supposed to be around 100 degrees today and tomorrow - more records to be set. I've already gotten my bike ride in for the day. Just a measly four miles but the more I read about exercise, the less I feel the need to exercise to the extremes that I once did. More is not always better. I also read how your personality type can contribute to heart disease. Type A personality, sense of isolation - lots of intangibles. While hard to scientifically quantify, it goes a long way towards explaining why I ended up having a grabber. This information would have been much more helpful than the doctor telling me to take the skin off the chicken. Especially when I rarely ate fried chicken.

We spend billions of dollars on medical care for heart disease alone in this country every year. If there was someone each of us could go to who would listen to our needs, concerns and wishes, and then set up a life plan dealing with good nutritional advice, exercise needs, mental health issues - all the things that impact our health and happiness - we'd all be healthier and the medical costs would nosedive. Maybe every doctor's office should have a nutritionist and a psychologist in the same building. You could just stop in and get a mental tune up, get a couple of new healthy recipes or find a support group for whatever's ailing you. Now that I think of it, you'd probably need a lot more mental health professionals. "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" - never been more true.

Stay cool
Be safe


cuzzin ricky said...

i like the idea of getting help for your problems but most of the problems people have are self inflicted and if you try to tell them they think you are full of crap (nice word inserted here)nothing like a trip to somewhere or even nowhere to take the pressure off if you can get someone to listen to you most times that is hard to find cause they are to busy with their own problems how about a trip to french lick for the monon convention sept 28 to 30 i'll listen to you all the way down and you can listen to me on the way back cuzzin ricky

Shop Teacher Bob said...

I don't want to make any definite plans until I hear back from the doctor but I'll pencil you in. Those trips are always a good time.