Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Making Some Headway

It finally cooled off for a couple of days. It's supposed to head back towards 90 the next few but if that's all the hotter it gets, I can handle it. I was never really a fan of 100 degree days but I used to deal with them a little better than I do now. I spent most of the day outside on Monday and it was just a great summer day.

Just because I'm feeling spunky
The doctor's office called finally and I've got an appointment set up. Since I've changed my diet my blood pressure has been falling. When you couple that with the medication, it was a bit too low. The nurse said I can cut the dosage by half. From what I've been reading, I shouldn't need it at all pretty soon. I'm anxious to see what effect the diet has been having on the cholesterol reading. So far, the changes I've been experiencing with the new diet are exactly as predicted by the authors of the books I've read. After only a couple of weeks both blood pressure and cholesterol numbers should see noticeable improvement. So far the only side effect has been some gas, but since I haven't been out in public much, what's a few good, healthy farts going to hurt?

I'm looking at about a month until school starts. I went over this morning and drug some of my stuff home. If I return to work or I retire, either way I need to get my junk home. Most teachers just need a cardboard box to clean out their desk when they leave. I need a crane. Probably what I need to do is have an auction and get rid of about half of my stuff and get a dumpster for the rest. At least with the improved weather, I am making some headway.

So there it is. I'm feeling good, the weather's good and things are getting done. Just like it should be.

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