Sunday, February 10, 2013

Thinking Spring

I saw this 900 at Bike EXIF. That's one pretty motorcycle. It was put together by a Japanese outfit that's looking to get $37,000.00 for their effort. More than a little rich for my blood but they definitely nailed the look. I picked up a Motorcycle Classics magazine and found an ad in there for Z1 Enterprises. They sell parts for these old Kwackers as well as other Japanese bikes. Things like the missing tank badges that I have to decide to install or just mud over where they're supposed to go on mine. Motorcycle Classics is a nice magazine, by the way. I'd subscribe but I just get too many things coming here to try and keep up with as it is. 

This one was at Bike EXIF as well. I used to have one of these. Mine was pretty well clapped out when I got it. The shifting drum was snapped in half so I picked it up cheap. First motorcycle I ever worked on where I had to split the cases. Good experience for me. I used to really enjoy turning wrenches back then. Not so much anymore but the desire to work on things without having to hurry up all the friggin' time is bringing some of the joy back. Just need a little more warmth from Mother Nature. It hasn't been a bad winter here by any means, I'm just a big sissy boy now, I guess. I'm going to have to come up with decent heat for my shop if I'm going to get anything done over the winter months. I finally get rolling on a project and then I have to back off because it's twenty degrees out there. Maybe a little advance planning before next winter - kind of like the carpenters getting a couple of houses started and closed in before it gets bad out so they can keep working through the winter. Of course, if I get busy the rest of the year, maybe I could just take the winter off and work jigsaw puzzles and read magazines while camped out in front of the fireplace.

In the meantime, I'm still thinking gardening. Just by chance, I stumbled across The Good Food Revolution by Will Allen yesterday at the library while looking over the new book section. The book is the story of Growing Power and how it all came about. It's a good story - urban farming and supplying locally grown, healthy food. I checked out Growing Power's website and found that Mr. Allen was in my neighborhood for a speaking engagement just a few weeks ago. As Mr. Natural said in my last post - Sheeit - I would have loved to have heard him. Anyway, it's a good book about a good subject by a guy doing good things. 

I'm going to keep thinking spring - the season for love, motorcycles and gardening. 

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