Monday, February 25, 2013

Pipes and Zombies

I got out into the shop over the weekend and did in fact get a little something done on the bike project. Not as much as I would have liked but a little something's better than nothing. However, I did manage to finish up a job that I've had in the mill for way, way, too long on Sunday. I don't want to get carried away on the bike while I'm waiting for the Cycle back issue to show up, anyway. Actually, I think I'm pretty well locked in on my plan now. The magazine is primarily just for inspiration and motivation. Lord knows I could use a little.

I worked on the pipe a little bit. I made up an aluminum insert/exhaust tip for the end of the pipe. I'm planning on putting a baffle behind it. I can slip the baffle into the pipe and keep it in place with the aluminum end cap. Easy in, easy out, plus dress up the pipe a little. The header itself is an old Yoshimura, I believe. The pipe/muffler they used was just a straight pipe with a little zig-zag bend so it would tuck in well. That's pretty much what I've got in mind also. Paint the pipe and the header with some VHT black and it'll be a done deal. I'm going to try and get out in the shop this week and start hacking away on the tubing for the rest of the pipe.

A couple of summers ago, they were filming a zombie movie locally. One of the locations was the home of one of our coaches at the boxing gym and they filmed a scene at the gym as well. Surly took some still shots that he had posted at his blog (above photo from there). I asked Coach Ernie about it later a couple of times and heard some crazy stories but never that the movie had been released. I asked him about it the other day and, apparently, it has been: Post Mortem, America 2021. You can get a copy for ten bucks. I'm not a fan of zombie movies, and I have a feeling this wouldn't be one of the better ones, but it might be cool to watch it to see Coach Ernie and find out if our gym made the cut.

And speaking of Surly, he dropped his fitness blog and started another one about his planned house projects and other related subjects. It's listed on the right as mostmodcons.

Looks like the high this week will be a little above freezing. Not great weather for working on motorcycles in a barely heated shop, but I need to scratch that itch. Like always, steady by jerks.

Think Spring!

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