Sunday, April 30, 2017

Louisiana Bound

Photo From Here
Heading down to Louisiana for the Golden Gloves so posting will be a bit light. Hope my boy does well. It's a long haul down there and back but should make for a nice little vacation regardless of the outcome of the fights.

I haven't really been anywhere in the last couple of years - at least not anyplace I haven't already been to before. The only problem with this trip is that I've been to Louisiana but I still haven't made it to California and Nevada. I would have rather gone west rather than south, especially since I'll have to ask the Missus extra nice if I want to make that trip yet this year. With all that's going on in the news, I'd like to finish up the states on my bucket list and then just plan on staying close to home. Of course, if you've got the ramblin' fever, sometimes you just need to go.


Kevin Kaluf said...

Bekah and my favorite band covering that song... we love the harmonies. Have a good trip!

Shop Teacher Bob said...

Nice cover! We came through Nashville on our way home. Lots of construction going on down there. The music business must be booming.