Friday, April 14, 2017


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Now ain't that the truth. I've pretty much given up on trying to establish any type of time line around here. I guess since most of the things I'm trying to get accomplished are not real important in the big scheme of things, it doesn't really matter when they get done. However, I would like to get a few of the bigger projects completed. I've got a bunch of little things I'd like to work on - the kinds of things that would fit in a suitcase or shoe box, bring me just as much pleasure as the cars and bikes and not take up all the room in the shop. 

However, I went to the Golden Gloves in Indy again Thursday night for the finals. Two of our guys were supposed to square off against one another but one of them couldn't make weight. The other guy gets a walkover win and a ticket to the nationals and I get to go along. The details are still being ironed out but I'm happy for the fighter. He's worked real hard to get there and deserves his shot at the top. 

I was pretty much retired from the day to day operation of the gym until Jimmy had his accident. I stepped in to help but for a variety of reasons I would be happy just going there for my own workouts and let it go at that. Maybe after I retire but not now. It'll be nice going to the nationals, though. But it also is one more thing to squeeze into the schedule and upset the plans.

Speaking of plans, I got my Gingery book on making a slip roll for forming up cones and cylinders. I just glanced at it but I definitely need one for a lot of the projects I do. After I get a chance to read through it a little deeper, I'll see about getting started on it.

In the meantime, I'll keep plugging away at things and try to get some work done in the garden if the weather allows. Enjoy your weekend and Happy Easter to all of you.


Rich in Ky said...

Had what I thought was a small project turn into an multi-day job: kids got me a new toolbox (Homak) to replace one I bought 35 years ago. I'm giving the old one to my grandson, and stocking it with tools for him. My main shop box is being demoted to the barn shop, and of course the new box is going to the main workshop. The sorting/cleaning hilarity that ensued was for the ages. Add to that the time discovering stuff I didn't have... long story short: this short job is a long job. :-)

Black F150 taking longer than I imagined. But I'm savoring the project by not putting a schedule to it. I wonder if that is more valuable sometimes than getting something done?

Cheers from Ky... Rich

Shop Teacher Bob said...

I went through the tool sorting after I put up the new barn. I got tired of traipsing all over every time I needed something so I got a small roll-around box for the new barn with my bicycle tools and a set of cheap end wrenches and screwdrivers plus some of the extras from my shop. I used to work as a maintenance man long ago, so I had tools at work and at home so I had extras, likewise I was always taking tools back and forth to school over the years. It's nice to have things sorted. As is probably your case as well, the time invested now pays dividends later. Nice that the grandson is getting a start with tools, by the way.

I'm at the point where I need a little breathing room on my projects. It never used to bother me to have a dozen irons in the fire. I think it's starting to sink in that I'm not going to live forever so I should start getting some of the things finished and moved down the road. I'd like to think that I'll have more time after I retire in December but what's the old saying about the amount of work always expands to fill the time allowed.

Have fun on the truck - that's what it's all about.