Monday, April 3, 2017

Silver Crown at the Action Track

Practice at the Action Track

Beautiful TIG welds on that seat. You wouldn't have much racing without welding. Foot racing and horse racing would be about it. Most everything else will have welding involved either directly or indirectly.

The photos are from the Silver Crown race Cuzzin Ricky and I attended at Terre Haute Sunday. 100 lap feature for the champ cars and a 20 lap UMP show. Great afternoon and evening of racing. We've got the Terre Haute trip down to a science: roll into town and stop at the Grand Traverse Pie company for lunch and a piece of pie, check in to the motel, hit the race track, Steak and Shake for a late dinner, get up in the morning and get us a muffin and a cup of Rex coffee at the Clabber Girl. They had an old champ car on display this morning in the little museum located in the Hulman Building. Offy powered car built by Ed Kuzma. 

Photo From Here
This is the car with a photo taken at the airport it appears. I didn't have my camera with me when I went in for coffee. Beautiful car. More info at the link.

Great way to start the season.

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