Friday, April 23, 2010

High Mileage Competition

I'm heading back to Indy this weekend for the Super Mileage Challenge sponsored by IMSTEA. This will be my seventh or eighth year of involvement and also my last. The car was done in time and looks really nice. We took it out for a last minute spin today and it fired right up and worked like a charm. Hopefully it will stay that way all day Sunday for inspection and Monday for the competition. I'm going to go over to school tomorrow and make sure I've got everything lined up for the substitute and that we've got all the tools and supplies needed. I always want to take a complete machine and welding shop with me but we've always been able to take the MacGyver approach to fix any thing that went south with rivets, safety wire and duct tape. Hopefully, this weekend all we'll need is a little bit of sunshine to make things go well. I'll get some photos up of our car and some of the more interesting cars from other teams the first part of next week.