Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Trials & Tribulations

Made it back from Indy after a successful weekend. We got our three official ten lap runs in, in spite of some crappy weather. IMSTEA used a new timing and scoring system so they weren't able to get us off on time and it looked like some of the transponders weren't being read correctly on every run. I won't know the official results for a few days but when I do I'll have a complete write up on the High Mileage blog complete with photos.

We've been experiencing some problems at the school, one of which is the lack of bus drivers. It's nigh on impossible to take any field trips now. We had one of the assistant principals drive the bus down with the rest of the crew on Monday, the driver, team captain and I having come down on Sunday for tech inspection. Even though she has been working here three years, she had no idea what we were doing or where she was going. After dropping off the students, she took the bus and left for a while. When she returned she stayed outside the track, never even coming to the pit area to check out what was involved with running our car. Nice having your boss showing all that interest in a project that the students have worked on for the better part of a year.

Our team captain came down with a dose of food poisoning or something. He was sick as a dog and spent a couple of hours napping in the truck. He finally shook it off and was able to enjoy the day but I felt really bad for the kid. And to top it all off, the weather was crap. It rained all day Sunday and was sprinkling when we got to the track Monday morning. It was one of those cold damp days that has the wind chilling you to the bone. The high note of the event was the fact that I sold the car Sunday to Vincennes University so I am now officially retired from high mileage competition.

After I returned to school on Monday, the union was marching and carrying signs prior to the school board meeting so I stuck around for that. We garnered some good publicity for our cause with local television and newspaper coverage. The school board still went ahead and laid off the phys-ed and art teachers in spite of our efforts, however. Once again, nice to know the people you work for are concerned about what's best for the students. I've now come to the realization that things are totally screwed up on all levels - building, corporation, state, and federal. I don't see how it's going to improve in my last few years of teaching but eventually it will have to either get better or the whole country will be in the crapper. God help us all if we can't salvage it.

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