Sunday, January 27, 2013

Messin' With the Kid

Surly and I loaded up the pickup with bicycles and parts and headed to Lebanon for a bicycle show and swap meet put on by the Hoosier Antique & Classic Bicycle Club yesterday. We didn't get a space reserved ahead of time but lucked out by splitting one with another guy. We ended up with a 5'x10' spot that was just big enough to get three bicycles and some of Surly's parts spread out where people could see them. We sold the bikes and a bunch of parts, so it was a pretty good trip. Plus we got a chance to eyeball a bunch of cool old bicycles.  Mostly old balloon tired things but a couple of real nice racers from the '70's.

There was a  Murray Super Tot Rod that had seen some rough service over the years. The guy was asking $175.00 for it. We didn't stay 'til the end but I imagine he took it back home with him at that price.

Here's what one looks like after a little loving care by Shop Teacher Bob. The Missus found this one for ten bucks and drug it home. Not a 10 point restoration but it made a nice Christmas present for the grandson in '08. 

They had an Evil Knievel model if you wanted to try your hand at jumping buses or fountains. This one wasn't exactly a bargain from my point of view but I'm not real hip to the vintage bicycle market. 

Elvis, on the other hand, was takin' care of business. It's good to be king.

All in all a pretty good day. I got rid of a couple of old bicycles. Saw some neat old stuff and most importantly, I got to spend some time with Surly.


Surly said...

Had a blast, Pop. Thanks again.

Shop Teacher Bob said...

My pleasure. Glad we could get out to spend a day together.