Monday, January 14, 2013

Streamlining The Operation

Photo From Here
The photo above is from the Speedboys blog. It's one of many sketches of vehicles of the future as drawn in 1944 - got a nice drawing of a transporter like a few posts back, by the way. Seems as if all the future vehicles were all going to embody elements from space travel. Didn't quite happen but we did get Dan Gurney's Alligator as seen below. Put some swoopy body work on it and Lawson would look pretty much like the guy above.

And then you could park it out in front of your Streamline Moderne house. Like this one:

And furnish it with a cabinet like this one: 

Surly sent this one to me. Obviously utilized aircraft construction techniques and design elements. If you want to see more about this project, check here. I followed the links all the way back and the pictures of the shop where this was made were a disaster. Crap and clutter everywhere. Obviously didn't impede their artistic design but I'll bet it slowed down the production some whether they realized it or not. Which is a cheap way for me to sneak in a "atta boy" for my own self since I got both the shop and the new barn cleaned up the last few days. The warm weather was a real blessing - especially since I was in and out, running between three different buildings. I've still got things to accomplish but things are better. I need to trade a little ADD for some OCD to keep things from getting out of hand again. "Think Middle Path, Grasshopper."

It looks like the cold weather will be settling in for a while now. Had to happen, though. It's the middle of January in northwest Indiana. Typically the next three weeks are about the coldest part of the year so it won't be too much longer and it'll be a legitimate 50 degrees around here again.  In the meantime, I've got kerosene for the heater and a clean shop to work in. I'm going to finish the job in the mill and maybe do a little lathe work for a piece on the VW. I haven't done any machining to speak of for awhile. It's time. I start back to work later today - got to go find my good shoes so my feet won't get sore while I'm stamping out ignorance.

Keep on a rockin'.


Traveling Pirate said...

I think you might enjoy this site: They've got some great photos, as one might expect.

Dr.Acula said...

great blog!!

Shop Teacher Bob said...

Traveling Pirate: I grew up with Life magazine - probably where I got my love of B&W photography. I was hoping to start doing a little more of it when I retired but it looks like this semester I'm going to be working a lot. On the plus side, money for the Italy trip!

Dr. Acula: Glad you enjoy it. Thanks for reading.