Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Zeigarnik Effect

Photo From Here - NSFW
Not so sure about the connection here between the jet, the car and a magazine about breaking wind - probably why you don't see it on the newsstand these days. So how about some other arcane crap like the Zeigarnik Effect to dwell on.

The Zeigarnik Effect refers to the dissonance caused by moving on to a new job before finishing one that's already started. Man, that explains a lot. It probably even contributed to my heart attack. Too much dissonance. Mostly self-inflicted as well. Interesting concept.

Speaking of heart attacks, I went to the cardiologist yesterday. Other than the fact that they couldn't find the results from my blood test I had taken two weeks ago, everything is good. I had been told previously to keep my heart rate down some. He said I'm free to do what I want now. There's a 5K trail run coming up in March I'm thinking about running. I've got about six weeks to train. Another 5K in April - I did that one last year about three days before the heart attack. That one has a race walk that gives awards to those closest to their estimated finishing time. For some reason I didn't get a finish time last year but I know I was close to my estimated time. What I need to remember in all of this race planning is the Zeigarnik Effect. If I tackle too many things, too much dissonance. Too much dissonance, too much stress. Too much stress, restenosis. And as I now know, restenosis equals grabber. I do miss running, however. If I run them like the couple I did last year, I should be fine. Just do enough walk/run to get the exercise benefit and call it quits.

Too cold to work out in the shop for a few days. It was about 10 degrees this morning. Should be a little warmer the next few days but still the daytime high only in the low twenties. Dissonance or not, unless it's an emergency, whatever needs to get done can just wait. I've about got things cleaned up and organized. I got a few more of the TIG filler rod holders made along with another bracket for hanging up a few more of the plastic storage boxes. Took a couple loads to the dumpster and a load from the house to Goodwill. It's amazing how much stuff one man can accumulate.

Stay warm.

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