Monday, September 19, 2016

More Sidecar

Made some real progress on the sidecar project. I made the gussets for the wheel and got those tacked on. While I had the TIG welder out, I put some more weld on the tubes as well. I had just the minimum of tack welds with the MIG on the frame to hold it together so I welded the bottom side of all the tubes with the TIG to prevent anything from moving around or coming apart while I was fitting up the mounts and the wheel. After welding things I finished the spacers for the wheel, so it's centered up and good to go. When I get the rest of the pieces tacked on, I'll grind the MIG tacks off and finish weld it with the TIG - just because.

I machined up a threaded plug to weld into the tube to bolt the support rod to, rather than just thru-bolting it and have it collapse the tubing when I torque it down. That would be it in the top photo along with a piece of tube for one of the mounts. I also added another piece of tube to the frame to support the floor and to give the frame some additional strength where the mounts go. I need to machine another tube for the second support rod and make up a couple of more pieces for the mounts but I don't have much left to fab up for getting it bolted on to the bike. With a little bit of luck, might be able to get that finished up this week.

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