Friday, September 16, 2016

Sidecar Parts

The rods for the sidecar rig showed up, a couple of days later than the estimated arrival date, but here just the same. I'm pretty happy with what I've got. Not only will they give me the adjustability I was looking for, they look cool and "racy". The long one has 5/8" Heim joints with 1/2" diameter bolt holes. Right hand threads on one end, left hand on the other. The shorter one has standard 1/2" Heims. Both are tubular aluminum with swedged ends. Now that I've got these I'll start working in earnest on getting the mounts made up to fasten the sidecar to the bike. 

I ordered a pair of tube insert tail lights also. In addition to these, I want to put a light on the rear of the sidecar fender and maybe a marker light on the front. I think I'm going with aluminum diamond plate for the floor surface of the rig. While that wouldn't be the best if it was going to get raced, I think it will look good for something that in use will probably be more utilitarian than racer. I'll order in some aluminum sheet for the fender/enclosure for the sidecar wheel at the same time and get started on that one of these days.

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