Saturday, November 19, 2016

Cool Bikes

When you follow a post about Mose Allison, you need to throw up something cool. So here we go!

Photo From Here

Ain't she a beaut! Might see this kind of rig at Peoria next year instead of the motocross bike based singles they've been running. I missed my chance back in the day. Probably should have kept my Norton as well.

Photo From Here

The plan was to turn it into something like this, with the matching sidecar of course. I didn't have the skills to do the aluminum work like this yet, however. But you have to start someplace, right? 

Photo From Here

Here's one that Surly is lusting after. Big Twin HD flat track/supermoto/all around badass sickle. It ain't cheap, but you wouldn't expect it to be either.

Photo From Here

While the HD is way cool, I'll have to go with this Guzzi. That's one fine looking motorbike.

Meanwhile back at the shack, not much to report on the bike front but the killer cold has about run it's course. I did get out and put the new plug wires on the tractor along with changing the oil and filter. Should be ready for snow plowing when the time comes - which could be any day from now until April with the crazy weather we have around here. Got the Veloster to the dealer for service and a host of other little chicken shit things done around the shack while I was hacking, coughing and wiping the snot from the end of my nose. Boy, I hate being sick! Better days are coming, though. 

Have a good weekend.

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