Wednesday, November 23, 2016


I'm part of some Hyundai owners thing where the company sends things out to get your input. The latest had several vehicles that the company partnered up with movers and shakers in the go fast auto biz to see what kind of cool vehicles they could turn the stock ones into. There was a Bonneville racer, an off road SUV, a road racing Elantra, a 1040 hp Santa Fe, and this Veloster. Mine's a fun little car to drive but this thing looks like it would be an absolute hoot. 

I really like the look of the wide wheels and the fender flares - the big wing in the back doesn't hurt either. Supposedly, it's not all show but it's got some added go as well. The frame's been stiffened up along with a roll bar and some other fun goodies. Since I'll probably never own the E-Type Jag, something like this could be the one. Nah, that's sacrilege to even think of such a thing.

Meanwhile back at the shack, things are going slow. Good, but slow. I went to the cardiologist yesterday for my annual checkup. Doc says all systems are go, see you this time next year. There's something to be thankful for, by golly! I've been slipping a bit on the diet, and now that the cold weather is upon us, I need to shift to my winter time exercise program. Or rather, come up with one I actually partake in. I've already put on my fat layer in preparation for the cold weather. There has to be some genetic/circadian/seasonal affective disorder I'm afflicted with. Maybe I need to start walking around in the weld shop with my shirt off to get some more UV rays. Or maybe just get up off my ass and go for a brisk walk. Oh yeah, it's raining. Never mind. I'll have a cookie instead.

Anyway, there's no shortage of things to be thankful for around here and believe you me, I am. Family, friends, health. I've got everything I need and mostly every thing I've ever even wanted and smart enough to know that I need to remember that every day, not just on the holiday.

Hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving Day and are as blessed as we are here. Peace and Happiness to you all.

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