Saturday, November 5, 2016

Work, Work, Work

I've been busy the last couple of days. Went to Indy for fights on Thursday night. We had two of our guys scheduled to fight. The first guy up fought really well but got a bad decision. I normally don't complain much about the decisions but this one was bad. I had the first round scored to the opponent, the second round was close but I gave it to our guy and the third round our guy was beating the stuffin's out of the guy, but no win. The second fight was a walkover so we got a win on that one without working up a sweat. Long way to go for only six minutes of action but it was a nice night out just the same.

I made a couple of brackets to hang my bead roller off the side of the sheet metal working bench - that would be them on the right in the above photo. Not much to it but it will help with the organization of the shop and that's a big plus. The other piece in the photo is a head for the motorcycle engine stand. This one is made specifically to fit the 900/1000 Kawasaki. It was a little rusty from sitting around out in the big barn so I cleaned it up and shot a bit of primer on it while I was painting. I'll be needing it this winter when I tackle the engine on the sidecar rig.

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My buddy who's the Ducati single specialist stopped by the school this past week with a project for me. He's working on a '70 250 MK3 that someone bobbed the rear fender on. He's been looking for a stock one for a while but to no avail - don't know if he couldn't actually find one or couldn't find one that wasn't exorbitantly over priced. Either way, looks like it's going to be up to me to make it longer again. It would be nice if I could find another fender close to the right size/shape where all I'd have to do would be cut it off the donor and weld it on the Ducati one. I told him it might be a while before I get around to his project. I'm going to finish my fender project before tackling his. Hope to get a little more of that done this weekend, by the way.

Still working on a few projects around the shack as long as the weather is cooperating. I got the trim pieces from a couple of posts back finished up. Seems like every time I finish one, there's a two more waiting. One of these days I'll get it down to just routine maintenance - I hope!

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