Friday, July 21, 2017

Checkin' In

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I got a chuckle out of that one. They use a bunch of resistors in the lab where I work and I'm always sweeping a few of them up off the floor. I can no longer remember the color code but, fortunately, that's not a requirement for a floor sweeper. I did get a raise this week, however. 2% increase - not much but better than what a lot of folks are getting.

My older brother and his wife were in town the other day. Very nice visit even though it was only a few hours in length. Always good to see them. Hopefully, the Missus and I will be able to get away together a little more after I retire and visit the brothers on their home turf.

The Missus showed me the local paper and said I'd recognize a few names. Sure enough! Even though I've been retired from the high school for five years, there were five or six names in the police blotter this week of former students. That's my legacy. Knuckleheads still getting in trouble five, ten, fifteen years out of high school.

The weather's back in the 90's this week. I've been running the pipe beveler at the college pretty steady trying to keep up with the students. It uses a oxy-fuel torch and it's set back into a corner. It's not hard work but it is rather warm. Almost like a real job. However, I've only one more week for the summer session and then I'm off for three weeks. Teach a couple of classes in the fall and then I call it a career. I might work my way in to some welding certification but I'm going to be done teaching.

Looks to be hot, humid and rainy all weekend long. Not too pleasant to be out in but the grass and the weeds seem to thrive on it. That'll keep me busy.

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To remember the color code I always used -

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