Friday, July 7, 2017

Takin' Care of the Easy Ones

Did my 5K racewalk on the 4th. Once again I was the first walker in but that's not saying much. Not much competition this time. In fact, this time we didn't even have bib numbers. Purely for fun. I'm still trying to get my old form back but I've got a ways to go yet. My time was a little slower than I wanted but it was hot and humid. Again, just for fun though. The course was well marked, people were nice and we got nice tee shirts for only a $10.00 entry fee. Hard to beat that.

Got the pieces bent for the VW. These go on the floor, up the back wall to reinforce the area where the roll cage tubes will get welded in. The roll cage is overkill for this rig, but if you're going to do it, might as well do it up proper.

The grip strengthener broke. I bought a pair of these and this is the last side to be repaired. The plastic handle inside the rubber grip breaks off even with the bottom of the spring. I've turned a piece of wood to replace the plastic and now that I've replaced all four, I shouldn't have any more issues. While I was epoxying the new wooden handle on the exerciser, I glued the magnetic strip back into the torpedo level at the same time. 

Both of these items are just cheap Chinese crap but it wouldn't hurt them to make things a little bit more serviceable. I bought a cheap torpedo level because they get knocked around and dropped while using them, which is why I needed this one by the way. I wouldn't think it's asking too much to glue the strip in where it'll stay for more than six months, however. The hand grips were cheap enough but they were branded Gold's Gym so I expected them to last a while. I'm thinking maybe they should have tested these out a bit at the gym before putting their name on them. Fixed now. But I shouldn't have had to.

The cigar boxes in the photo are from a yard sale. The one has a few pocket screwdrivers in it but other than that, mostly junk. I bought them both to have a cigar box to make another guitar or maybe an ukulele - $1.00 for the pair. Winter time project. Speaking of which, I put the new thermocouple in my heater thinking that would fix it. No such luck. Might have to seek professional help on this one. Or just plan on staying in the house all winter. Also sharpened up a few of the kitchen knives and my pocket knife. So once again, not much to brag about here but with the rest of the chores, I'm at least staying out of the recliner most of the day.

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