Thursday, July 27, 2017

More Hard-Drive Clearance

More hard-drive clearance. Again, one of the photos are mine, and I think Surly shot the Bazooka Joe knock out photo, but everything else - no links.

Cars, bikes, travel, pretty girls and boxing. If I had thrown up a couple of machining or fabricating photos, that would have pretty much covered most of all of my main interests. Actually, I have at least a passing interest in most everything, as I'm sure you would have surmised if you've been reading this blog for any length of time.

I got my new computer and I'm learning how to navigate the new operating system. Windows 10 isn't too big a leap for the little that I do on a computer. We just recently had Windows 10 installed on the school computers, so at least things will be the same at both locations. I bought the computer and a new printer from Best Buy so I had the Geek Squad transfer over everything from the old computer to the new one. I managed to get the new printer speaking the same language as the wife's laptop all on my own, however. Rather proud of myself there. I haven't tried printing anything from the new computer yet but it's supposed to be ready to roll.

I've been able to access everything I could think of that's password protected, so I'm up and running on all of those. I try to avoid putting much sensitive information on line, so there aren't too many passwords to remember in the first place. A couple of businesses I've dealt with have been hacked and my credit card info was stolen once, so I try to limit my internet business to a few "must haves".

I do have one problem, however. Most of the photos that I shot with my camera were saved on Kodak Easy Share software and that's obsolete. The Geek Squad didn't transfer any of those so I'm not sure what the best way to handle that is. I'm going to stop back in and see what they can do for me as the first step. I may end up having to set up the old computer and down load the photos to CDs or a thumb drive. Most of them aren't really worth saving but I've got a few I'd like to keep.

On vacation next week. Very much looking forward to that. I've been real busy the last few days with weld certifications, not only my class but a couple others as well. Only 32 more working days until December when I can put a cork in the teaching career. It's been a good one but I've had enough.

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