Sunday, July 2, 2017

Indy Racing Experience

Shop Teacher Bob giving the thumbs up leaving the pits at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway at the start of his Indy Racing Experience ride. Wade Cunningham is behind the wheel.

The driver accelerated like it was a race when leaving the pit lane and we were rolling at a pretty good clip by the time we entered the track by turn two. The G forces in the corner are incredible. While I'm not a race car driver, I've slid more than one car around a corner fast enough to break the rear tires loose but these cars don't even twitch going around the track. We reached about 180 mph and he never lifted through the turns. The ride was very smooth with only a little wind buffeting the helmet. I was impressed, to say the least.

The whole deal was extremely professional and well run. They got people in and out of the cars in just a matter of a couple of minutes, took your photo in front of the car after the ride was over and then printed a copy out for you to take home as well as putting it up on their website so you can have a digital copy to do with as you please. Right before I went out they loaded up an old gentleman, and I say that with all due respect, who was in a wheel chair. The staff did a great job accommodating him and treating him and his family with respect. I was impressed with that as well. 

We got to the track a bit early, since you can never tell about the construction traffic on I-65. Because we had a little extra time we took in the museum. They still had the A.J. Foyt exhibit going on, which I wanted to see. Lots of A.J. cars and ephemera on display. Great day at the race track!

Thanks to the Missus for the great Christmas gift and thanks to Cuzzin Ricky for driving me down to Indy. Next up - Miller's at Milwaukee and midgets at Angel Park.

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