Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Bell Base

I got the base for the school house bell all welded up and ground down. I've got the cradles for the trunnions bolted on in the photo to check the hole placement and the spacing to make sure everything will work as designed before painting. I got it primed right after the photo. I'll get it painted black in the next couple of days. The Missus still hasn't decided on the color for the bell itself. I told her to come up with the color scheme in the next couple of days and I'll have this one wrapped up.

I saw both of these at the Daily Timewaster. I'm really starting to lust after a Jeep truck - especially those old ones. And as a man with way more tools than the average Joe, I don't need another screwdriver at the moment, but that's a spiffy set right there, by golly! I've got a couple of 3/8" drive bits like that now. One of them is for big clutch head screws that I needed for working on one of my old Chevys years ago. I'd be nice to have a wooden handle like that and then maybe get a couple more various types of drive bits for it. I doubt that Snap-On sells a set like that anymore. But if they did - I'd put it on my Christmas list.

I made a little progress on the motorbike again. I've got the chainguard pert near done. I made it out of two pieces to accommodate the frame tube. I've got a bit of welding to do on the guard itself and then make a couple of tabs to weld onto the frame to bolt it on. Should be able to get that taken care in the next few days along with a couple of other little jobs I've got going.

All in all, making good progress lately. I'm almost due for an "Atta Boy".

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