Friday, October 27, 2017

Motorbike Progress.

Got some parts for the motorbike - drive chain and extra master links, tail lights, and I got the bolt for the tensioner made up. I also ordered a headlight but it hasn't come in yet.

Tail lights are done already. I made a bracket that bolts to the bottom of the seat springs out of a piece of aluminum angle. I'm really impressed with these little lights. A pair of them off EBay for $6.00 including shipping and batteries. They've got three modes, constant, slow and fast flash, and waterproof to boot. I bought a pair of them once before - one of them went on my bike trailer after I put a fender on it, the other one is on my touring bike as an extra. The light that hangs off the saddle bag isn't much, and when it comes to being seen, you can't really do too much. In fact, I'm going to put a strip of reflective tape between the lights as a little extra insurance.

I hung a speed bag in the upstairs of the new barn a couple of years ago but it didn't work out as I expected. The platform is hung from the roof trusses and the whole thing vibrates and kills the action of the speed bag. The pieces above are to brace the platform into the wall. The wall is covered in OSB and all screwed together. I'm hoping this will kill the bad vibes and allow me to use the bag. I'm trying to get things useable so when I retire full time, I can work out at home if I don't feel like going to the gym. I've got a double-end bag out there as well so as long as it isn't too cold, I can put in a few rounds on each whenever the mood strikes me.

I bought a couple of these the other day. TSC had them in the bargain bin. I don't normally buy anything but Vise Grip brand clamps but these were cheap enough and they might come in handy. I was thinking I had a couple more of the regular "C" type jaw clamps and I finally found those the other day. They were in the back of the shop holding the forge hood to the forge itself - been there since I put everything back after pouring the concrete. I drilled some holes and bolted things together yesterday. So now I've got four more clamps and a job done that didn't even make it to the list. I should give myself an "atta boy" for that one.

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