Monday, October 23, 2017

Scatter Shield

My brother from a different mother came down last week so he, Cuzzin Ricky and I could do breakfast. He brought this scatter shield and a few other parts he had laying around that he thought I might be able to use if I ever get around to working on my hot rod project. No telling when that will happen but I definitely want to have something wrapped around the clutch and flywheel that will contain anything that goes boom. I replaced the diaphragm style clutch with a big "three finger" in my old '62 Chevy thinking that would take care of my clutch woes. It did until two of the three fingers came apart. Fortunately nothing else came apart and all the pieces stayed inside the aluminum bell housing. Kind of scary, though. If things get out of balance and start flying apart, neither the bell housing or the floor board is going to stop the pieces from the clutch or flywheel from chewing your feet off. So that's a problem solved.

I saw this the other day while looking for something else. Might be kind of handy. I've got jacks and stands but more than once I've put a bottle jack next to a stand. If I did more automotive work I might consider getting one or two.

What I need to get are a few more parts for the motorbike project. I definitely need to get some more drive chain. Since I'm planning on taking this rig out on the road once it's completed, a headlight and taillight might be a good idea. Maybe a horn as well. Garrett Wade has a set of three bike horns made from brass with the squeeze bulb. That might be an option. I could always put that on my Christmas list. I'm going to need a chain guard for the pedal chain also. I could buy one but I'll probably end up making one. I'd have to modify whatever I bought anyway - might as well start from scratch.

I'm making up a special bolt for the chain tensioner. It came with an 8mm bolt that goes through the bearing on the roller but it's a real sloppy fit and a10mm won't quite go through it. I'm going to braze up a shoulder on an 8mm and turn it for a sliding fit on the bearing. When I get that done, I'll make the bracket and I should be golden on the pedal chain.

I developed the roll of film I ran through the Vollenda. I've got a couple of shots that are keepers. A couple of the shots I took were the kind of things a tripod and an exposure meter would have helped. I'll see how the negatives look when I put them in the enlarger. I'm planning on printing a few shots this week as long as the chemicals are still good. Maybe make a rack for the motorbike to throw some camera gear aboard when I get it done so I can go off in pursuit of things photogenic.

Looks like the temps are going to be more seasonable this week. Had to happen sometime. I'm just about ready for winter. Regardless, I'll keep pluggin' away at things. 

Have a good week.

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