Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cage Rage

I went to see the Cage Rage fight last night with Coaches Jimmy and Mike from the gym. There were a few fighters on the card that had trained at our gym. They all fought well and won but I'll still take amateur boxing over that MMA stuff. There were some tough guys in there, I'll say that for them. Just not exactly my cup of tea.

This is only the second show of this type that I've been to and both have been run by the same group. Neither show started on time and it took forever to run through the program. Since these shows were about three or four years apart, you would've thought they would have the bugs worked out by now. Apparently the predominately young crowd of tattooed fans didn't mind too much. They seemed to be content with drinking light beer, smoking cigarettes and checking their phones every twenty seconds.

Congratulations to all the fighters, especially Billy and Todd on your performances last night. I know you guys trained real hard for this.

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