Saturday, May 22, 2010

Working Again

I started hitting a few licks on the Rickati again. Worked a little on the gas tank and the exhaust pipe. We've had a schedule change this week and it's kind of screwed things up a little but it won't be long and this year will be in the books. We've got a full week next week and three days after Memorial Day to administer finals and then it's a wrap. I'll be glad when this one is over. Things are not going smoothly at either the building or corporation level and my tolerance level for stupid crap has plunged to an all time career low. There is some sunshine on the horizon, however, and now that I'm starting to build things again, I'm feeling better. I just need my tooth to start co-operating and I'll be back in the pink.

I was going to add some more photos of the Rickati build on the Flickr site but I couldn't remember my log-in info. I did want to keep that updated. It's a shame that I can be so scatterbrained at times. I think it's either I've been around high school kids for so many years or I just don't give a hoot any more about a lot of things. Maybe a combination of the two. Regardless, the weatherman says sunshine and warm temperatures are on the way. I can get out on the bike, do some running and get some work done around the shack. Spring is here and summers right behind it. The annual renewal cycle that we all so desperately need. Enjoy your weekend.

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