Sunday, May 9, 2010

Over the Rainbow

Had some crappy weather yesterday but the sun popped out late in the day and lit up the elevator and the front corn field nicely. Rainbows are always a nice touch as well. I used the dusk/dawn setting for this shot. I took one with the normal auto setting but the grain elevator was washed out.

Hope everyone had an enjoyable Mother's Day. My mom has been gone a few years now but the memories still linger. I had a lovely day spending some time with the grand kids who came down to see Grandma on her day. I took them both for a short spin on the tractor and fooled around outside a little enjoying the weather. After they went home I put a new tube in the bike, to replace the new tube in the bike, and went for a 10 miler. Beautiful late afternoon ride. I even got a chance to use the pepper spray for the first time this season. I'm planning on running past the same house in the morning, I'll be sure to bring the spray along then too. Taking the day off tomorrow so I can get a root canal. The way things have been at work lately, even a root canal will be an improvement. I'm going to try and get going on the projects this week. Carping about work isn't going to get anything accomplished.

Need to get the garden in - hope the weather stays decent. Had a frost alert last night and it's supposed to get down into the thirties again tonight. Crazy weather but the frost free day around here is actually May 15th. I need to get some peppers and tomatoes going. I could see little peaches on the tree this morning while mowing, so that's a good sign.

Get outside and enjoy it.


Domestikdeva said...

You left out the part about how crabby you were when I said,"boy this would make a great photo".

Shop Teacher Bob said...

In retrospect, I should have been in a good mood since I was typing up my resume. But thanks for the heads up about the rainbow and letting the whole world know of my failings.