Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ice Tongs

I made a pair of ice tongs yesterday at the fair. These of course are very practical in this day and age. I had an old book from the '30's that I was thumbing through looking for inspiration and saw these. In the building next door is a display of old and interesting tools so I figured what the heck, I need to make something. Craig worked on making a trivet for his mother and Andy started a candleholder but ran into a little trouble so that might get scrapped. The shop's a little small for three guys and there's only one anvil so it makes it a little interesting at times. The weather was cool due to a rain front moving in and should be cool again today, so there's a blessing. I ran three miles this morning and I'm planning on six tomorrow so I don't need to sweat profusely for four hours in front of the forge. I don't need to get dehydrated or anything and push the marathon training back any more than what is already is. I'll just try to take it easy this week and have fun pounding iron.


Surly said...

next store?

Shop Teacher Bob said...

There's a lot to be said for proofreading, especially if you've been dropped on your head.