Tuesday, July 27, 2010


The mattock mentioned in the previous post.

It's a little rough but if we were to actually make a real one, we've got the moves figured out now. The rest of the parts will have to wait until I'm able to get back into the shop at school to get finished. And since they have the shop all packed full of bits and pieces for the remodeling project, that may be a while. It's like a maze just trying to walk through the place. I stopped in last night to drop off a couple of tools I used for the fair and I really don't see how they're going to get things finished before school starts. Couple this with the rest of the monkey business that's been going on and it should be a very interesting start to the new school year.

The blacksmithing crew: Craig, Andy and the guy in the witness protection program.

We were joking at the end of the session with one of my co-workers (Kevin) who had stopped by about getting our pictures taken with the fair queen and such and he mentioned the fact that my picture had never appeared on the blog - like Wilson from the show Home Improvement. This was the result. He also took another picture of the three of us that turned out rather nice. I'll save that one for the scrapbook. It's a nice keepsake for the time spent with two really nice young men who are going to be making their mark on this world pretty soon. It was a pleasure working with them.


Grumpyunk said...

That picture captures your best look anyway. Since we look a lot alike, I can say that with athority!

Mattock was my favorite Andy Griffith characture.

Shop Teacher Bob said...

If you're looking for the Kodak moment, there's nothing like the look of an old geezer whose face is covered with coal soot. If my Photoshop skills were up to snuff, I could put Andy's face up there instead of mine.