Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bike & Photo

I want a bike like this and take a photograph like this. Not asking too much, is it? (Both of these from MotArt Journal)

I had my MRI on the heart yesterday. That's an interesting experience - lots of holding your breath for 20 seconds at a time. I did get a CD out of the deal though. As much as they get for those tests, I'm thinking a souvenir CD and a T shirt  would be cool. Maybe screen print your heart on the shirt with some kind of catchy slogan "I've got my heart on for you", or something. Anyway, next up is a review from the Doc. Not sure when on that but I've quit being in a hurry about all this. I'm figuring, if there's no hurry, that's a real good thing.

I've been working on the barn and the upstairs woodshop is coming along right smartly. I need to decide what type of ceiling lighting I'm going to use. I've got three outlets wired to a switch so I can plug in most anything that suits me. Maybe talk to the man with the crane and see about getting my tools up there first and then locate the lighting to accommodate the equipment. It's hot again - looking like maybe a 100 today - so I won't be getting much done until it cools off a little but I've got some things done this week. A guy can get a lot done with 4 or 5 hours of easy work most every day. Before I started the gym and got old, that used to be my routine. Come home from work, get a bite and then head out to the shop most every night. Either that or stay late at work and put in a few hours. What I need now is to get myself a regular workout schedule to get some stretching and strength training in along with working on things around the shack and I'll be set. Should be pretty easy to find the time if I retire.

I'll keep plugging away. You stay cool.  


leroy99 said...

Looks like you are doing well and with the heat have had plenty of internet dreaming time over bikes and pics; I have been busy as heck. I have been keeping up with the blog but have no real comments to speak of they need a nod of the head key or something of the like so you know you are not typing to the wind : -)
Should be pretty easy to find the time if I retire. Maybe we should chat sometime about that!!! Take care talk soon. Dave

Shop Teacher Bob said...

I like the idea of a nod of the head key. I do check the stats every once in a while to see if there's anyone out there. Even if there wasn't, it's no worse than talking to yourself, I guess.

The doctor's office called yesterday. They'll call back after the doctor has a chance to review the test results - hoping it's soon. I've got some decisions to make.