Friday, June 29, 2012

Hunnert Degrees

It managed to get up to 100 degrees yesterday - it was still 90 at 7:30 last night in fact. It cooled off a little when a storm came through and dropped a little rain on us but that didn't help with the humidity any. The forecast calls for 90 degree days and a chance of storms for the next four days or so. Not really the type of weather that I can feel good about. It would be nice if we actually got a decent amount of rainfall - things are really dry. One thing about it, however, it's not just here. It's record setting hot all over the place.

Because of the heat, I've got nothing planned for the next few days. Just going to try to keep cool and relax. I might do a little darkroom work. I've got a couple of negatives I'd like to make prints from. That'll at least get me out of the recliner. I'm turning into the old retired guy. I've got all day to do things and don't do any of them because I've always got tomorrow. Soon as it cools off, I'll be back on it. Trouble is, that might not be until October.

Have a good weekend and stay cool. It's dangerous hot out there for a lot of you folks!

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