Monday, October 29, 2012

Bike, Bug and Barn

Busy weekend. I finished up the bumper brackets for the VW, as you can see in the photo. Primed, painted and ready to install. I took them over to the high school and sandblasted them the other day and the tip in the sandblaster was about shot. I had already cut some pieces to make some more before the heart attack and they were laying on the end of the lathe, so I finished those up. I'll drop them off today for the new guy.

I finished cleaning  up the second fork leg for the 900 project. Next step is to swap out the seals and get those installed on the bike. I"ll install the new brake disk on the right side and get the calipers mounted. Then I can order some new brake lines and a new master cylinder. Instead of the little metal clip with the fold over tabs that prevent the bolts on the rotor from backing out, I'm going to safety wire everything. When I've got everything mocked up as it should be, I'll decide where to drill the holes in the bolt heads and get that done.

The big job for the weekend was finishing the barn roof. Taking the old sheets down was easy enough but putting the new ones up was a little tricky working by myself. It's not that I can't find help, I just prefer it that way. I made up a support scaffold that the sheet would rest on while I was fumbling around trying to get a starter hole punched in it and get a couple of screws in the sheet to hold it. Actually worked real well. It took me about three hours to replace the sheets and get the trim piece on top sealed and bolted back down. About an hour more than I figured but I still managed to see most of the Bears game. About the only thing left on the barn is to finish wrapping the pieces on the sides of the big doors in aluminum and put the stop/trim piece on that keeps the wind from blowing in along the sides. 

Sheet held in place with the support scaffold
Fold down table

The last sheet had to be trimmed, so instead of dragging out a pair of horses I used one of the fold down tables that I built into the wall. Glad the Missus thought of that. A 4' x 8' table that takes about ten seconds to set up and less time still to put away. Sweet.

Finished roof
Not sure what's on the agenda next. I need to check the To-Do List and see where I'm at. I want to get the other pair of wheels for the VW sandblasted, get the new tires mounted up and start on the mechanicals on the right front. I also need to take a look at the snowblower and figure out what locked up on that, and a little work on the lane would be a good idea as well. It's getting a little rough and bumpy.

As always, lots to do but I'm makin' a dent in it.

Have a good week.

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