Wednesday, October 24, 2012

VW's In The Loop

I planned on getting the roof sheets replaced on the barn Sunday afternoon - even had some volunteer help - but I didn't have the adaptor to hook up the socket in the cordless drill and the wind started to pick up a bit. So I bailed out of that project and went to work on the VW instead. I got some progress made. I got most of the boxes of parts located and took a mental inventory of what I have and then started doing a little actual work on the car. I had some of the car sanded but not yet primed, so I took care of that. I've still got a couple of spots on the exterior that need some patch work. Actually not much left on the outside of a serious nature. The inside and floor pan on the driver's side is a different story, however, but I'd like to get the outside finished up. At least have all the parts hung on and the body in primer.

Add a fender and do a little rust repair and the bodywork's done  on this side
Monday I put the license plate light and the bracket for same on the deck lid. I took the passenger side fender off to work on a dent. While it's off, I'm going to install the new wheel cylinder, brake line and clean and paint the bumper mount. I've got some fender welt to put between the fender and the body that I'll install when I put the fender back on. When I get that side done, I'll repeat the process on the other side. I still need to get some rear fenders. I'm planning on frenching in the taillights. The proper fenders for this rig have a big hole and a set-back for the taillights that will make frenching the lights difficult. If earlier fenders will bolt up properly, I'll buy a pair of those. I might have to make a trip back to Mid-America or to J.C. Whitney where I can compare the early and the late models side by side. I made some cans for installing the tailights a couple of years ago so those are already to go. I just need to figure out what fits and then get it done.

I also got most of the lacquer removed from the other fork leg for the 900. I think I've got the concept/look for that job figured out finally. Now it's just a matter of getting after it, like on the Volkswagen. I want to get the priming and body work done on the VW before it gets too cold for that kind of work, however. I've got an outside entrance to my basement. As soon as I get the remainder of the welding done on the 900, I might move that operation down the basement for the winter. If I start falling behind schedule due to cold weather, that'll be "Plan B". As long as I keep busy on one or the other of these projects, there should be wheels turning next spring. Man, it'd be something if the 900 and the VW were runners come springtime.

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