Tuesday, October 2, 2012

One Hunnert

I got my cholesterol checked this morning for the first time since I changed my diet and I've been on the statin. One hundred even. How 'bout them apples? That's cutting it in half from what it was. This was just the little quicky test for the old farts at the local library so I don't know all the details as far as HDL/LDL or triglycerides, but who gives a shit if it's only 100. They give the test every month, so I'm planning on going next month again to make sure this wasn't a fluke or a cruel joke of some kind but even if the test is off by 50 points, I'm still kicking ass!

I made an appointment right after that to see a new doctor, also. I want to get a good physical, flu shot, etc. to make sure something else isn't lurking in the shadows somewhere. Hopefully, the new doc and I will be philosophically compatible. I'm trying an osteopath this time. From the little I know about it, they seem to be more prevention/holostically oriented. I don't need another pill pusher in a white coat.

Put a smile on your face, go for a walk and eat some nuts and berries. Looks like that might be the answer.


Traveling Pirate said...

Imagine my surprise when I read the line about nuts and berries while eating nuts and berries! Kudos on the 100! To quote Joe Biden, "It's a big f'ing deal!"

Shop Teacher Bob said...

I was truly amazed by the number. I expected an improvement but nothing of this magnitude. However, if this is a truly representative number, why didn't my doctor point me in this direction? You wouldn't think it would be that hard to get sound medical advice with heart disease as prevalent as it is. My recommendation to you is to keep eating the nuts and berries so you'll look and feel your best in Paris!