Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bike Stuff

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Geriatric Hooliganism - I like the sound of that.

Photo from here
Maybe on something like this. This one's got a whole different look to it. Four individual high pipes, flat slab seat, nothing on it but the essentials. I wouldn't start with a four cylinder if I was going to make a scrambler but it's no larger than many of the "adventure" bikes they sell now. Probably weighs less as well. I'd like to hear what it sounds like, myself. And maybe do a couple of laps around the barn. Probably have to put some plywood over the kitchen windows first and plan on hitting rocks with the mower all next summer. Might be worth it though. Coincidentally, The Missus walked by while I was typing this up and took note of the bike. She said it looked like something I would build - loud and fast. Might be on the right track here.

Pretty nice weather over the weekend. Nice enough that I got the porch finished up, the air conditioner covers put on, finished the workbench and repaired my sander. On a tear here now, by golly. Plus, Surly came down and gave me a hand moving some furniture around for the Missus. Moving the couch and chairs isn't too tough but the television is a monster. It's one of the last of the old fashioned type. It's got a screen that's just a little smaller than the old Y&W Drive-In I used to go to way back when and weighs about two pounds less than a switch engine. We only had to move it about 15 feet but having a little help meant I could do something the next day as well. Plus, Surly was kind enough to bring some co-ax with him to help with the move.

I found a fork leg on eBay for the 900 so I can mount up a brake caliper on both sides of the front end. As soon as that gets here I'll get going on that project again. In the meantime I'll get the new switch installed on the table saw and see what I need to be ordering in for the VW. It definitely needs some tires. One of the front tires has a slow leak which makes it a pain in the ass to move around. It wasn't too bad when the car was at school. I had an air line next to the car and plenty of muscle available if I needed to move it around. Since I don't have a compressor in the barn, and stock size tires are hard to come by, and I've already got a pair of wheels painted up and ready to go, maybe I should start there. Maybe Cuzzin Ricky and I should take a road trip to Mid-America Motorworks. Take the truck and pick up some tires, a few other parts and check out the museum there for a little inspiration. Not that I need much. Since I'm getting caught up around the shack, I'm itching to get back on a couple of the fun ones.

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