Friday, June 19, 2015


Frankie Flood has a bunch of nice motorcycle photos up at Handverker from Road America (plus a bunch from the HD museum). I was buzzing through them and saw the Norton with number 345 on it and it was "Whoa there, that number looks familiar".

Here's the fairing off the wrecked Sprint that's hanging in the back of my shop from my short lived time as vintage race bike owner/builder. Fun while it lasted. 

I swung by the Harley dealer to see about spending my gift card on some parts. Decided not to part with any of it yet and then I headed down the road to Staples. Rather than trying to use the copy machine at work to enlarge the wiring diagram and run the risk of incurring the wrath of the secretary, I'd just go to the pro's. Glad I did. Only took a couple of minutes and 22 cents. Instead of two small diagrams on the same page of the manual, now I've got an 11 x 17 of just the one I need. I'll tape it to a piece of cardboard and hang it up close to the bike. That'll expedite things. Might actually have the old Sportster running one of these days.

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Frankie Flood said...

I have a sprint 350SS. I've always dreamed of making a racer out of it. Do you have pics of yours? I've always dreamed of making a fairing for it do you have shots of the fairing mounted on your Sprint? I'd love to hear about any details you have about any mods you did to the frame etc. for stiffening, etc. Thanks for posting the pics from the barn; they got me jazzed!