Monday, June 22, 2015

Amateur Radio Week

It has been declared Amateur Radio Week in Indiana by Governor Pence. Next weekend will be Field Day weekend, where amateur radio operators set up "in the field" to practice their emergency readiness and to promote the hobby. I was planning on getting my amateur radio license but I put that on hold until my wife gets a little better. I would like to get my old Heathkit radio up and running again, however. It's just a receiver, not a transceiver, but I'm not really interested in talking to anyone, anyhow. Right now it would be nice to have the radio operational just as another option to listen to while working in the shop. Probably wouldn't take a whole lot to get an antenna up. All it needs is a wire that I could string between the shop and the barn, plus a ground. I've got a lightning arrestor on the roof of the shop that has a good ground. I could tie into that easily enough. Too many mosquitoes out there to do anything that requires standing in one spot for long, however.  That's if it's not raining.

I did join the ARRL. They have a nice magazine and the Indiana section sends out a nice newsletter in .pdf format, even if I can't decipher all the jargon/hamspeak. Maybe later this year I'll see about buying a cheap handheld and pursuing my license. If you're interested in amateur radio, you might want to see about a Field Day event in your area this coming weekend.


Surly said...

I thought you had lost the old short wave receiver. It's cool to see it.

Shop Teacher Bob said...

I dug it out a few years back to put up in the new barn but like a lot of my jobs, something else came up and it got pushed aside. In this case, more like lost. I was looking for something else about a month ago and came across it - even had the manual with it. Maybe I'll get it rigged up this summer.