Thursday, June 18, 2015

High Water

It just keeps on raining. Tuesday was a beautiful day but more rain Wednesday and more still to come. The state highway south of me is closed due to flooding and the county got a sand bagging machine to help folks out. The beans in the field out front have water standing between all the rows. I managed to get the front yard mowed in between the raindrops yesterday, at least what wasn't under water. They're forecasting rain again for today and this weekend, and the next five days or so. I'm liable to have moss growing on all the projects pretty soon.

I was going to order the chain and plug wires for the Sportster but I decided to check with the local dealer first since I have a gift card for there - maybe do that today. I started looking at the wiring the other day. I'm going to make a couple of copies of the wiring diagram before I start fooling around with things. If I can sneak it through on the college copy machine, I might be able to enlarge it a bit. I can then stick it on a piece of cardboard or something and have it hung up close to the bike where I can see it without fooling with the bi-focals. With small print or intricate things I usually just take my glasses off rather than bobbing my head up and down. If I take the glasses off, however, then I can't see anything clearly that's more than about two feet away. A big ass wiring diagram will make life easier. Maybe I should just draw one up on a piece of poster board. With all the rain that's being forecast, looks like a good time to hole up in the shop as much as the schedule will allow. Since I pulled the cover off it the other day I've been itchin' to get back after it.

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