Monday, December 21, 2015

Dream List

I mentioned a couple of posts back that if I won the lottery I'd build myself a big shop and get started on an Indy roadster replica. If it was big enough, and the lottery prize was big enough as well, I'd get a few others that I've lusted after over the years. Here's a few that quick came to mind:

'63 Buick Riviera

Aston Martin DB5
While I'm never going to be as cool as James Bond, I'd still like to have one. I don't know what a decent DB5 is going for these days but a new Vantage starts around $120K. Not unreasonable if you're a millionaire. Only twice what a decked out pickup truck goes for. Besides, I've already got a pickup.
Maserati Bora
'62 Chevy
I had one of these - same color and everything. 327 with a 4 speed. Nice car - lots of good memories.

Jaguar E-Type
You knew there had to be an E-Type make the list. I'd probably opt for a convertible, however. Maybe in the light blue metallic paint or British Racing Green. A new F-type with all the bells and whistles is about the same as the new Aston Martin. Maybe opt for the E-type and then get the Aston Martin. Or, something a little more practical for around the farm. Something like this Mack:

Mack B-61

Thermodyne diesel and a twin stick tranny. Dual air horns. Maybe get one of those sun visors that go on the outside of the cab. Probably be more fun than any of the sports cars. Don't know what the attraction is with these things but I've definitely got a Jones for them.

I'm on vacation for a few weeks now. Hoping to make some progress on the fun projects, unlike the toilet repair the other day. Actually went pretty smooth for plumbing, though. Nary a single swear word was uttered. Might be a record for me. Flush toilets. Right up there with move-able type and cordless drills on the list of the greatest inventions of all time.

I've still got a bit of Christmas shopping to finish up and I need to go into the college to lend a hand moving some things around prior to the start of the next semester. I should be able to do both in a morning then I'm free for a while. The boxing gym is going to be closed for a couple of weeks also so nothing on my agenda besides working on whatever I feel like working on. Almost like being retired.

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