Thursday, December 31, 2015

Year In Review

This has been an interesting and, for the most part, productive year. The big thing, of course, was dealing with the wife's cancer - several surgeries to drain fluid from her lung as well as lymph node removal. Then came the chemo. Just about the time she was recovering from one round, here came another. Not an easy thing to go through. Fortunately, it's behind us now and things are pretty close to normal again.

I finished putting the Sportster together. It shouldn't take more than a quick once-over, gas, oil, and a battery to make it go come springtime. I'm real happy with how it came out.

Finally finished the concrete in the back of the shop and got everything moved back in. I've still got a few things to set up but this was a huge step forward.

Read 53 books this year and kept the pile of mail and magazines in check as well. The wife's illness had a lot to do with that but never a bad thing when you're able to read a good book.

Cut back on the exercise this year so I could stay closer to home and help out more. Pretty much retired from coaching at the boxing gym until Jimmy got hurt. I'm helping out again, which I enjoy, I just don't want to get spread too thin again. However, I've been contemplating participating in the Senior Games this Spring. They've got both a 5K and a 1500M racewalk. Plus a 20K bicycle race. I don't know if I would need to do a qualifying event or not but the games are in May. Plenty of time to train and lose a few pounds. I need to get back on some type of regular schedule. Since the wife is better and I won't be teaching any morning classes at least until Summer, should be able to fit in a morning workout 3-4 days a week. That'll be hard for me to do unless I've got a specific goal to train for.

Even though the To-Do list is still a mile long, I made some progress around the shack and on a few of the wheeled projects. I ordered up some clutch discs for the 900 and a back brake caliper the other day. That's becoming a high priority project. The little orange Sprint has become the fill-in bike project. The goal from now on is the completion of two of the wheeled projects per year at a minimum.

I need to decide if I'm going to continue to work at the college. I told my boss he can schedule me for the summer session but I'll have to see after that. I like the job and the money's good, but it does cut into my playtime. If I'm going to continue to work I'll need to renew my Certified Welding Inspector license. I think I'm up for a three year renewal. If it's time for a re-exam, I'll just hang it up.

All in all, a pretty good year even with the cancer scare. I'm in a real good place right now - got everything one man could possibly ask for. Very much looking forward to the upcoming year - playing with the toys, getting some things done, maybe traveling a bit.

Here's to a happy and healthy New Year to all of you out there. Let's all be good to one another in 2016.

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