Thursday, December 24, 2015

Dreaming Again

Forget the black falcon, when you're 16 years old this is stuff dreams are made of. Real deal Aermacchi racer. I think that's one of those Campagnolo brakes on the front. Fifty years later, here's what I'm looking at:
Photo From Here
Ford C900. There's one similar to this in the Indiana Auto & RV paper. The one in the paper looks to be a farm truck with a grain box. The blacktopping crew I worked for a couple of summers had one like this one here but with a regular dump bed. Like most of their rigs it was past it's prime but on the couple of occasions I drove it, it was fun. Like a scaled down big-rig.  Wouldn't be as cool as the big Mack but they're only asking $2950 for the one in the auto trader. $2500 would probably buy it. Since it has a gas motor, nothing on it I couldn't fix.  

The weather has been unseasonably warm - record warm in fact. However, it's been pretty dreary. Big rains yesterday so not like you can do much outside. That's OK. I'm about ready to burrow in out in the shop for the winter. I've got to get some things finished if I ever hope to bring that truck home.

Photo From Here

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