Monday, December 14, 2015


I got the light up over the man door on the new barn the other day. I started on the project about a year ago. I did a little extra wiring inside and was going to put the light up the next day but it got cold - cold, so I put it on hold. It wasn't that big a deal because we have a big security light out there close by, but of course it quit working even though I change the electric eye no more than two years ago. Anyway, the light's up and functional. It's got a photoeye to turn it on and off when it gets dark out there. Might keep the Missus from taking a tumble, plus, it might help keep the raccoons out of there. I left the big door open when I went to the gym the other night and there was a big one in there that headed upstairs as I was pulling in. It took a little convincing to talk him down but he won't be returning any time soon. 

Machined up a little fixture for machining up the exhaust collars for the 900. Not much to it. A couple of slots to bolt it to the milling table, two threaded holes to bolt down the part blank, and a hole in the center to set my zero-zero point for the CNC to profile the outside and machine the bore. I'll drill the two holes in the blanks on my mill to get an accurate hole spacing and then rough cut the profile on the band saw. Should be fun.

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Two shots of points covers for the HD Sprints. The top one is from the orange bike I'm currently working on. The bottom one is a custom cover. It actually is for an older Triumph but I bought one for my race bike back when. It has the same bolt pattern but it doesn't fit down inside the case as it should but they didn't bother telling me that when I bought it. I made up a little fixture for the lathe, bolted it on and turned a relief on the OD so it would nestle down inside like it should. I figured as long as I've got the fixture, I'll buy another one and that'll be that. I looked up the cover online and they're running between $45-$50 before shipping. I think I paid something like $15.00 for mine but that was a while ago. For fifty bucks, maybe I'll make my own. Instead of fins, maybe machine up the HD racing logo on there if I'm going to have access to a CNC. While I'm making points covers, maybe a finned one for the 900 also. It would look good with the finned clutch cover.

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