Saturday, December 19, 2015

Look Ma - No Hands

Quote from the photo source: "Get your bra off, put on a blindfold and we'll go like clappers up this hill, no handed." Gotta love them eye-ties.

You used to be able to buy a Gilera from Sears. I had bits and pieces of one for a while. I was going to make something out of it but swapped it off to a guy I worked with. Sears also sold Allstate motor scooters and the 250 "Twingle". Montgomery Wards sold bikes as well. Rebadged Benellis sold under their Riverside brand along with some scooters. Between Sears and Wards you used to be able to get just about anything your heart desired from their catalogs. They would send it right to your house, the closest post office, or the local catalog store depending on where you lived. My dad owned a rental house that was a kit from Montgomery Wards. Just like Amazon only without the internet. Maybe better.

I don't recall them selling cars but they probably did at one time. Pretty sure not like this though:

Photo From Here

Ain't that a beaut? That's a Lujie Lesovsky car. Below is an Ed Kuzma build. Every bit as pretty as any roadster ever built.

Photo From Here
If I ever win the lottery, I'm going to have a nice big heated barn and build me one of these. Maybe put an injected small block Chevy in it just so I can see the stacks poking through the sheet metal like number 82 here.


Surly said...

Wanna see some beautiful coachwork?

This is just the Lancia page.

Shop Teacher Bob said...

I took a look. Beautiful work indeed. I've got no regrets for the career path I took but I would have liked to have worked with some of those master fabricators/panel beaters - still would as far as that goes.